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Your Most Trusted Wills Advisor in Leicestershire


Wills, Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney and Deputyship Applications.


We believe that everyone should have access to excellent services, irrespective of their location or physical abilities. Our Home, Hospital or Care Home Visit service brings our Estate Planning expertise straight to your doorstep.

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Are you in a second marriage?  Do you both have children?  You're family situation could be more complicated than you think.  More often than not this could constitue a more complicated will.

Do you have a blended family?

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Review your will first, then we deliver your legally binding,professionally drafted will to you.




Many individuals do not need a Trust - Others do, we can find out on our first contact


A single will is the most basic form of estate planning, yet if executed correctly, can meet the needs of most individuals, without the need for the complexities of Trusts.




This is for you and your partner to ensure the surviving partner enjoys a standard of living they have been accustomed to. There may be issues that have to resolved, especially if it is a second marriage for one or both partners




A Lasting Power of Attorney allows security for your money and assets in your later years. We recommend this is implemented as early as possible whilst your faculties are full and sharp.

LPA - Property +

Financial Affairs


Decisions will be made by your appointed persons who you know and trust to implement your wishes to the letter. Without one decisions will be made for you by an unknown.

LPA - Health +



This is required when a loved one has lost capacity with no LPA in place. An application for Deputyship to the Court of Protection is required. Full application will be dealt with including all court fees and appearances.




There are many forms of Trusts and for certain individuals a Trust provides the most effective way of realising their wishes and managing their estate.  If a Trust is required, we tailor the trust to meet your specific needs without excessive costs or complication.

Trusts + Estate


Simply explained 
Professionally prepared Dealt with personally

As someone who has seen firsthand the devastating effects of will disputes on families, it is my passion to provide a service that can prevent such situations. My goal is to make the legal process of will writing simple and straightforward, so you can ensure your loved ones are taken care of in the future without any added stress.


What our clients are saying

Meeting Richard to discuss planning my estate was like chatting to a friend and I was soon in possession of the documents I needed. Confidentiality is hugely important to me and he also advised me on other legal matters. 

Chris Murphy

I needed to change my Will in a rush following a change in circumstances. I was very impressed with the speed at which Richard came to see me. I was left reassured and suprised at how easy it was for him to sort my issue.

Paula Youart

Richard arranged LPA's for me and my mother. He sorted out my Will and set up a Trust for my children. He's since gone on to help the rest of my family. Richard is a true expert in his field, I had put this off needlessly for a long time.

Shig Hayre


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If you have a child with special needs what happens to their care when you're not around? Who will have the control over decisions for your child, over their health, welfare and financial situation?

Do you have a child with special needs?

Maybe you're in a partnership, what happens when one of you dies? What happens to your share and the profits?

Are you a business owner?

Consider the consequences of excluding a family member from your will. Could the omitted individuals contest your decisions later, potentially complicating matters for your chosen beneficiaries?

Do you want to exclude someone?

Have you discussed their healthcare preferences and decisions for the future? Are their financial affairs organised? Have you considered the potential challenges of decision-making if they are unable to communicate their wishes?

What about the welfare of your aging parents?

What if you have no LPA in place?

Without an LPA, court-supervised guardianship proceedings may be necessary, to re-gain control over critical decisions with health and finance.

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